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Node.js is a software platform based on the Google Chrome V8 engine that turns JavaScript from a highly specialized language into a general-purpose language. In other words, Node.js is an out-of-browser JavaScript code runtime. It has a lot of benefits such as:

This platform allows you to write server code for dynamic web pages and web applications, as well as for command-line programs. It involves the use of a single programming language for developing web applications instead of using different languages to work on the frontend and backend. JavaScript programming language is used both for the back- and frontend development, the only difference is just in the set of APIs they use. The Node.js platform is one of the most popular platforms for developing efficient and scalable REST APIs.

Benefits of Node.js

As it was said earlier, Node.js is used for JavaScript backend development.  In case with a browser, it takes a leading position of frontend programming but if we are speaking about the backend, here competes JS with PHP, Python and other languages. However, if, for example, Python is used more widely (it’s more universal programming language), Node.js is more likely designed for web development.  This technology is also used to develop desktop applications. Most often, this platform is used to create web services that require intensive exchange of information with users, including the implementation of chats, collaboration systems, social networks, etc. Many programs created on Node.js consist of server and client parts. Despite the fact that Node.js does not seek to take the place of other programming languages, it has already proved to be a promising technology. Although it is fairly mature platform, its unusual technology which is nowadays gaining momentum and continues to grow dynamically and ambitiously. There is lack of Node.js developers in the market. As the popularity of this technology grows, the shortage of specialists will increase.

Why exactly us?

We are Crispersoft company – Ukrainian outsourcing company developing software for web resources and mobile applications. We have only professionals among the highly-dedicated team who will develop your site or application from scratch. We write only pure understandable codes, always widely commented in English so any other developer will be able to continue working on the project. Our team works according to Agile proven methodology, following all the rules and regulations of software development. Crispersoft programming team uses modern Node.js frameworks. With the help of Node.js frameworks, our programmers can significantly reduce the time that takes to develop an application without changing its logic. We develop projects where asynchrony is needed:

I.e. it is usually used where it is necessary to keep many simultaneously open connections, each of which does not require a lot of processor time, but can slow down due to IO. 

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