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Nowadays, PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a common, open-source and general-purpose programming language. Simply put, PHP programming is specifically designed in order to write web applications i.e. scripts that run on a Web server. It is designed for web development and PHP code can be embedded directly into HTML. A significant thing that differs PHP language from and any client-side code, such as JavaScript, is that PHP scripts run on the server-side. The most popular CMS in the world i.e. WordPress is also written in PHP. Although PHP is a fairly young language, it has gained a certain popularity among web programmers and at the moment it is almost the most popular language for creating web applications.


The PHP programming language is constantly being improved, and it is surely ensured a long dominance in the field of web programming languages, at least in the near future. PHP is very versatile. The bulk of its application is focused on writing server-side scripts; thus, PHP is capable of doing everything that any other CGI program does. It can deal either with processing form data, generating dynamic pages as well as sending and receiving cookies. Although PHP codes are generally recommended for use in conjunction with HTML, it also equally integrates with JavaScript, WML, XML, and other programming languages. One of the significant advantages of PHP is its support for a wide range of databases. PHP programming features include imaging, PDF files, and even Flash videos, because PHP scripts run on the server, a page with HTML code can be generated dynamically. It is also able to produce any textual data, such as XHTML and other XML files. A wide variety of PHP functions eliminate the need to write multiline custom functions in C or Pascal.


PHP and its frameworks are often used to develop CRM, as they are compatible with almost all software. Its ready-made plug-ins, templates, and components can be easily integrated and add a wide variety of functionalities, for example, product accounting, currency transactions, online payments, etc. It also can be useful if you want to launch a mobile application – several PHP frameworks, including Symfony and Laravel, are suitable for creating the backend of mobile applications. Data collection, server-side scripting, dynamic content generation – that is only a small part of its application. Having compiled PHP with, for example, Ajax, we can get a successful collaboration, which will have a lot of variations and advantages.


Crispersoft is a Ukrainian outsourcing company that develops software for web resources and mobile applications. We are agile and highly motivated, meeting the requirements of our customers, improving our hard skills every day, developing projects such as web sites and applications from scratch. That’s what we are really into –  handling complex tasks for developing one’s business. Crispersoft PHP developers will meet the customer’s requirements offering both complete turnkey project development and partial programming tasks.

Among our dedicated team, there is a squad of PHP developers who with the help of the newest development approach will reach even the most difficult goals. Our company has gained significant experience in developing projects, using PHP codes, and we are improving our skills all the time. Our PHP developers will create high-quality Web applications in a very short time. Thus, you can get products that are easily modifiable and supported in the future. Our team can provide you with a wide range of PHP development, we can create scripts for execution on the server-side and on the command line.

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