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The two most popular interface development tools are React and Angular. The first one can be described as a tool for creating user interfaces. It’s a JavaScript interface development library created by Facebook. React’s main goal is to display everything you can see on web pages. ReactJS provides high speed, simplicity and scalability.  As a library for developing user interfaces, it often used with other libraries such as Redux. React.js greatly facilitates the creation of interfaces by breaking each page into small fragments which are called fragments components. React is built on the concept of components. It differs from frameworks such as Angular or Ember, which use two-way data binding to update the HTML page. A React component is a piece of some code that represents a part of any web page. Each component is a JavaScript function that returns a piece of code representing a fragment of a page. React components are conveniently assembled, reused, maintained, and tested.


ReactJS uses a programming language called JSX, which is similar to HTML but works inside JavaScript, which distinguishes it from HTML. ReactJS supports many build configurations. All the routine work on forming the application framework can be automated. React uses one-way data binding. This is a big plus of this library, since we always know for sure what led to a change in the state of the application. This approach to data binding greatly simplifies the debugging of applications. The great advantage of React is the fact that this library does not force the use of classes. In React, all user interface components can be expressed as sets of pure functions.

Other benefits include the ability to render React.js on the server, the ability to always say how your component will be rendered just looking at the source code, the ability to create mobile applications in much easier way i.e. the code that was written during the creation of the site can be used again to create a mobile application etc. React.js works well with jQuery and other frameworks. It is also extremely fast because it uses a virtual DOM and updates only the changed parts of the page. React makes it possible to transparently structure your application and encourages code reuse. And with the help of virtual DOM, the framework can significantly speed up complex interfaces. React is suitable for rendering on the server side as well as on the client side and makes it possible to build isomorphic applications that easily switch from client to server.


With the help of React.js we can develop both large complex structural projects and very small applications. There is a huge number of approaches for building applications with its help such as redux, mobx and others. React.js is one of the most popular libraries for creating complex Frontend applications. However, successful development on it requires a good understanding of the concepts on which it is built.


We are Crispersoft company – a Ukrainian IT company which specializes in software development for web resources and mobile applications. Our main goal is to meet our clients’ requirements, helping them in developing their business. Our programmers always write clean codes with comments. We are agile an higly-motivated so we absolutely aren’t afraid of complex tasks!

Our React developers can create high-performance applications with high speed, despite the level of its complexity. Our dedicated team of Front- and Backend programmers can develop your web site or mobile application from scratch or we can just improve your existing project. Frontend on React.js can be successfully combined with Backend on Node.js (one of the most popular software platforms for developing efficient and scalable REST APIs). We can provide you with a team of developers or with our programmers separately.

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