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Ruby is a fully object-oriented programming language with clear dynamic typing. Being a flexible, modern and constantly evolving programming language, it allows to solve the same problem in many ways. Borrowing all the best from other programming languages, Ruby coding language became a very simple and readable with the lightweight and elaborated syntax that allows its developers to write really clear and concise codes.


Ruby is a very flexible language, as it allows its users to freely change the parts of it. The main parts of Ruby can be removed and the existing ones can be changed. Ruby programming language has constructions for handling exceptions which makes the process of handling errors much easier. If the operating system allows, it can load third-party libraries in a dynamic way. Ruby implements OS independent threads i.e on any platform where the language is run, you can also use multithreading, regardless of whether the system supports threads or not. Ruby programming is also highly portable, thus, it was developed mostly on GNU / Linux, but it also works on many types of UNIX, macOS, Windows, DOS, BeOS, OS / 2, and so on. Ruby language has no equal for fast prototyping and MVP, where ease of implementation is required.

A big plus is the huge number of libraries implemented, which connection does not cause problems. We cannot fail to mention the most popular framework for this language – Ruby on Rails that makes the process of development as clear as possible from the very beginning of a project till the end of it. And there is also Ruby metaprogramming that can be used while the program is running. Using it, Ruby developers also receive significant advantages.


One of the significant advantages of Ruby is development speed, it is very simple as a tool, and there are a huge number of ready-made solutions for various kinds of tasks. While developing a large-scale project, one of the most important points is caching and ROR is equipped with standard data caching facilities i.e. it is possible to have tools for caching data on the project, and you will be able to easily cache individual blocks of code or even entire pages. ROR is just as easy to integrate with elasticsearch. You shouldn’t be afraid of project’s safety because Ruby has got a great high data protection, thus, RoR initially contains encryption of passwords, credit card information and other personal user data, SQL injection and XSS attacks are also excluded.

Other advantages include open development process, a simple programming interface for creating multi-threaded applications, the ability to run on many platforms, the ability to embed in HTML markup, the ability to easily integrate high-performance database servers into its programs and so on.


We are Ukrainian IT-company which specializes in web and mobile development. Crispersoft team of professional programmers develops projects that need to be implemented quickly and efficiently. As it was mentioned earlier, Ruby can be used for many purposes but what it has almost no equal is web development. Our Ruby developers create projects from scratch or improve the existing ones.

Our main advantages that distinguish us from our competitors are:

Crispersoft development team uses modern approach in order to develop only stable and efficient products, while helping our clients in developing their business-goals.

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