Security, automation, and maximum integration into payment systems with software for any of the cryptocurrencies are the main advantages of the Crispersoft digital currency exchange service.

Software flexibility and cost-effectiveness

The e-commerce market offers many solutions for creating cryptocurrency exchangers with various functions of loading and withdrawing funds from an account in a fairly wide price range.

However, according to analysts, more often, these decisions are not alterable for customization; that is, they cannot make valuable additions. The lack of flexibility in the software leads to the fact that the client cannot, for example, change the design or make other adjustments he needs without an additional charge.

After the conclusion of an agreement regarding the payment system, the owner of the exchange service receives the keys with which it performs operations with virtual currency. Many functional services in the field of e-Commerce operate in manual mode; in other words – the customer leaves a request for an exchange – and the manager processes it. Crispersoft creates cryptocurrency exchangers from scratch, taking into account all the wishes of a client who pays once and does not subsequently spend extra money on additional subscriptions. Also, it can connect payment services that allow making payments with a minimum commission.

Work with any cryptocurrency and secure

Operations with such a significant cryptocurrency as bitcoin, lightcoin, ripple, or ethereum are quite simple since there are many systems for working with them. Less well-known cryptos can cause problems. Crispersoft can create exchangers for any cryptocurrency.

Everything happens in automatic mode and with maximum security. And if many are afraid to connect automation because of the risk of hacking a resource and losing money, then Crispersoft guarantees no leaks. A completely self-written, not a templated, resource created on the latest version of React, a JavaScript library, protects against theft of crypto keys and, consequently, the loss of money on payment platforms.

Naturally, this greatly simplifies the business of the service owner, since he does not need to keep a large staff. Among other additional options, moderation of the card is also possible, that is, its verification on a third-party service.

Design and advanced features

Another critical point is, of course, UX design. Unlike template platforms, where the maximum that you can do is change, for example, fonts, on Crispersoft virtual electronic currency exchangers, it is possible to vary the arrangement of details, add an animation – and all this at no additional cost.

The most convenient administration panel allows you to carry out daily monitoring with statistics in full. The option of tracking the growth and fall of the current exchange rates of large exchanges overtime is acceptable – even in the form of graphs. Many other services do not give such an option – and not because they do not want it, but because most of them do not. In other words, the Crispersoft system is a simplified CRM system for marketing, sales, and service management, developed for the cryptocurrency exchange. All transactions are recorded in the user’s account, and you can also connect a particular discount system, or implement affiliate programs; for example, a referral program for receiving interest from the cashback, with a bonus function according to the concluded agreements.

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