A vital feature of this unique technology based on artificial intelligence is its ability to analyze the movement of objects. The practical implementation of Crispersoft systems based on the use of neural networks helps to strengthen security and optimize business processes.

The general principle of the motion analysis system

Machine learning, covering various areas of human activity today, is used in a classical form for training on a large amount of data. The algorithms of most systems implemented based on a personal computer and united by the general term “motion analysis” are based on methods for analyzing optical flows or correlation motion.
In the case of a system for analyzing the movement of people in an office, the practice of tracking objects in a specific environment using video surveillance cameras serves as a fundamental unit.
In general, the analysis of the movement of objects is the registration of various changes by comparing several digital images.
The Crispersoft system, which works most accurately when a person is directly in front of the camera, selects moving objects and monitors them, detecting the appearance of new ones or the disappearance of previously observed ones.

Trackers – Intelligent Detectors

Testing systems that learn the practice of re-identifying a person, with data collected directly from video cameras in an uncontrolled mode, demonstrates almost perfect performance. Errors that sometimes arise are mainly associated with cases when the object completely disappears from the field of view of all cameras. However, as soon as it reappears, the smart tracker resumes tracking.
Long-term video surveillance is a difficult task, because, firstly, the appearance of the same person can vary significantly over time. Secondly, as already noted, an object can repeatedly leave the observation zone and return there again. To cope with problems of this kind, Crispersoft specialists use the information of the face recognition system in their designs, which is resistant, for example, to change clothes. Thus, a reasonable visual diary of the movement of different people is created, designed to summarize a considerable number of daily generated digital images automatically.

Statistical analysis of employee and visitor behavior

When working with digital video material, the task of assessing data on the movement and behavior of people is vital. Information, for example, about which entrances to the building are used during the day, how many people enter the room and leave it, how many people climb the stairs, and how many – through the elevator, can be useful for various strategic purposes.

Based on the statistics of a system for analyzing the movement of people based on machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, an enterprise can:

Ultimately, with the above benefits of a Crispersoft development product, business owners get many benefits to reach a new level.

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