Ukraine has become an essential destination for IT outsourcing companies in the USA. In general, 60% of engineers who live and work in Ukraine are outsourced to the United States, being the largest consumer of their quality and innovative services.

Ukrainian IT companies in the USA-market are among the top service providers for companies who rely on the talents in Ukraine to develop, research, and test their new products and innovative ideas.

Crispersoft is one of such innovative and talent-driven companies you can contact for your software development solutions. We already have the experience and highly skilled professionals to implement any design or idea you have in mind.

Why does USA-market rely on Ukrainian IT Companies like Crispersoft? Their success is due to the following factors.


Ukrainian software developers are talented, experienced, highly trained, and possess the passion needed to bring digital solutions to reality. This reality is the primary reason why companies in America rely on them to provide quality service.


Since over 60% of Ukrainian programmers get employment in IT service companies abroad, they get exposure to diverse types of projects. This exposure allows them to gain practical knowledge of many novel technologies for different domains. The most popular programming language is Java with others like JavaScript, C#, PHP, and Python also being used.


The IT service ecosystem in Ukraine is currently thriving, with over five hundred new start-ups being added to the pool every month. The Major Cities in Ukraine having these companies include Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Lviv. The Implication of this is that there are more job opportunities in this sector, increasing the rate of talent discovery and excellence in service. USA companies pay more than local or European countries; hence they get the best talents.


There are many strong engineering institutions in Ukraine, and the curriculum is continuously updated to produce graduates that meet global standards. Also, many Ukrainians are learning the English language from a younger age, and it has become effortless to relate with clients from the USA.


Ukrainian IT companies excel in USA markets mainly because they offer quality at a lower price. Crispersoft is one of such companies you can rely upon to handle your software development needs. Contact us, and let’s handle your project needs.

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