Likimap – service for the real estate market

Project Description

For the real estate market, the Crispersoft team developed the Likimap service with the complex business logic.

Likimap is a web application with thousands of free ads for the sale, purchase and rental of all types of the real estate. In addition to the website, our team has also developed mobile applications for both Android and iOS operating systems. The site has an adaptive design and is correctly displayed on all devices and in all browsers.

Unique functionality is focused on the maximum involvement of users in the service. User roles were divided so that everyone could achieve their goals in the fastest and most effective way. A convenient personal account has been developed for sellers, an intuitive system for searching for real estate objects has been developed for buyers.

For Likimap, billing was developed and payment systems relevant to the market were connected.

The administrative panel is implemented taking into account the requirements of both marketers and service administrators.

The site is multilingual, and allows you to add new languages, there would be content.

Likimap real estate service

Mobile app

For the real estate sellers , whether an individual or a professional realtor, staying in touch with potential customers is very important. To meet this need, in parallel with the development of a web resource, a mobile application was being developed. To develop the mobile platform, advanced programming languages ​​were used – Swift and Java.

Thanks to the application, both the buyer and the seller have access to the portal database and personal account from anywhere in the world where there is Internet.


Since it was planned to create a functional, fast website for a wide audience, it was decided to give preference to the JavaScript. The frameworks made it easy to separate the front and back end, which allowed us to develop the project much faster.

A highly loaded distributed system is written in Java using modern frameworks. This allowed to increase the productivity of the service.

Front-end was developed on React, due to this, the speed of the web resource has been increased. Dynamically loaded content allows you to expand the capabilities of UX.

Website promotion made on JavaScript to this day is one of the most discussed problem among SEO specialists. Opinions are divided. On the one hand, sites with dynamic content are more opportunities for user experience, speed of interaction, and on the other hand there are problems of optimization for search engines.

Likimap example page

Main functions

The portal is convenient for both the buyer and seller.

A convenient search with advanced filters allows you to find the property of interest by specific parameters. When changing search parameters, sorting occurs without reloading the page.

Convenient registration in a few clicks. In order to register, you must have a phone number or e-mail. Also, the user can easily register in one click using a Facebook account.

For newly registered users, a personal account is automatically created.

The My Objects menu allows you to work with your objects for sale. You can edit, add new ones, deactivate and, if necessary, sell your property again. When adding an object, the seller has the opportunity to specify many parameters of the property, ranging from the area of ​​the plot to the presence of an air conditioner in the room.

The service provides manual moderation by the site administrator of all submitted ads. All submitted ads go to the database marked “On moderation”. Site administrators in the corresponding CRM menu decide on the publication or rejection of the advertisement.

Likimap has its own unique CRM system, which allows you to flexibly manage your site and databases.

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