The main direction of development

When designing the service, the world experience of successful American delivery services were taken into account, such as: Postmates and Instacart. It is based on high-quality channels of interaction between the Client, Courier and Partner (restaurant or store). This means that in one application, any user can register as a Client and Courier, and a restaurant or supermarket – is registered on the service website as a Partner and uploads their catalogs of food, products and goods that are available in applications for sale to their Customers – application users .

“The  Delivery” offers a new, modern approach to solving the issue of the delivery of finished food and food products in the realities of modern markets.

For this purpose, the complex has all the necessary resources.


A site with a Personal Account for registering Partners, self-registering sales outlets and filling out their product catalogs, conducting promotions and sales both throughout the catalog and for individual products with or without a time limit.

Mobile applications

ANDROID and iOS mobile applications for customers and couriers. Customers can navigate product catalogs, place orders, and control delivery. Couriers can register, plan their working hours and service area, accept orders, and receive remuneration.

Servers for processing orders, databases.

Web interface for managing formulas for calculating delivery costs, courier fees, controlling and confirming couriers, receiving complaints, comments and suggestions

How does it work?

After placing the catalog, the food and products of your restaurant or supermarket become available for ordering in applications

Customers orders food and products delivered from your establishments.

The Administrator you appointed receives in advance new orders in the mobile application; prepares them for dispatch before the Courier arrives; monitors couriers for work orders; keeps in touch with Clients and Couriers via chat and phone for each order

Upon arrival at a restaurant or supermarket, the Courier pays the full cost of the Order and takes it to the Client

Service Scheme

A store

0 – The partner is registered in the service, creates a point of sale, appoints an employee to receive orders, adds a product catalog, assigns promotions and discounts, controls sales statistics.

Order Formation

1 – The client creates an order about which the server selects and informs couriers.

2 – Couriers confirm the desire to complete the order with the time.

3 – The client approves the deal with the Courier. The Client is blocked the required amount (bank card or bonuses).


4 – The courier pays for the prepared goods at the outlet.

5 – Courier delivers the goods to the Client.

6 – The client tells the Courier the delivery code.

Order completion

7 – Courier activates the delivery code. The server informs the employee of the outlet and the payment aggregator about the completion of the transaction.

8 – The courier receives the cost of the order + delivery to his bonus account.

9 – A service fee is debited from the Courier’s bonus account.

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