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Artificial intelligence (AI) is used to create a variety of applications, from chat bots to computer vision, which helps the sports industry to reach a whole new level. Business leaders are successfully using current trends, paying attention to developments for the future development of the industry.

For a long time, statistics and quantitative analysis played a key role in sports. Today, AI and advanced data processing have a significant impact on various aspects of sports analytics.

Crispersoft Interactive Fitness Mirror and Health Bracelet

Thousands of ideas were interpreted to form a new sports concept. For example, the Mirror algorithm appeared, designed to provide accessibility and additional opportunities for exercise.

During classes, users can see not only themselves, but, if desired, the coach and colleagues in the virtual room. On the screen of a device equipped with cameras and speakers, the instructor demonstrates the exercises and adjusts their performance. In accordance with the capabilities, tasks and preferences of users, training is constantly optimized at different levels, from beginner to expert.

To track important body functions, users can also synchronize heart rate monitoring devices, such as the Crispersoft-developed health bracelet.

Thus, the interactive gym offers unlimited fitness classes without an hourly fee for coach services.

Doing perfect exercises

A breakthrough in AI-based motion tracking and correction technology means access to a virtual personal coach and physiotherapist, for example, on an iPhone. After all, it would seem that it might be simpler, say, squats. But exercise is not only strength, but also technique. Using an application using AI, the same squats can be performed with maximum efficiency. In the future, they plan to integrate this technology into applications for medical devices for diseases such as osteochondrosis, with the goal of creating a scalable and cost-effective therapeutic tool. Similar projects, which are also within the scope of capabilities of Crispersoft specialists, democratize access to high-quality fitness, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy.

Artificial Intelligence for Coaching

AI has a significant impact on the strategic decisions that coaches make. Thanks to the combination of wearable sensors and high-speed cameras, smart platforms can measure the speed, rotation and placement of tennis pitch, direct pass and penalty kick in football, etc. All these data allow coaches to better prepare for competitions, and athletes to optimize their movements and positioning in space. Moreover, AI can also predict the chances of success for various game tactics.

Virtual Basketball Coach

Crispersoft has been successful in creating an application that identifies and tracks the player’s key points for virtual basketball training.

The main goal of the virtual basketball coach was to build a fully automated system that tracks and advises the basketball player, listens to him and records the full game session with statistics in order to educate and improve the players results in different game situations.

System has two modules which represent two different game session modes. Free Throw and Dribble Mode.

Both modes run due to the Pose estimation, Ball detection, Gesture recognition and Triangulation techniques.

The “Free Throw” mode was designed to enhance the player’s shot abilities.

System tracks the player’s body key points in the space from multiple camera views, triangulates points from 2D coordinates to 3D and measures the angles of the player’s shot position.

After the shot the virtual coach gives notices whether the angle is appropriate or not for the shooting and how the player should change his hand or leg position in the shot pocket.

The Basketball coach system localizes the basket net in space, tracks the ball movement after the players shot and gives the statistics whether the player did Make a shot or Miss one.

System can recognize the player’s hand gesture and change the game mode or finish the training session.
The “Dribble mode” was designed to make shots from predefined points on the basketball court.

You can customise the dribbling mode and check the statistics after and during the playing session.

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